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Re: @ vwgn: it's an engineering tradeoff

vwgn wrote:

Again, its not really "my equipment is bad.. poo on sony", but more along the lines of, I have to spend a significant amount of time on a file in post to make it ready to print that big, when my competition can churn it out with MUCH less effort. that equals more profit, consistently.

It definitely will take more time to post process raw files than to simply use the jpegs, so everything depends on the way your work is organized. If you decide to stay with Sony, and to go the post-processing route, it will pay to spend a day and think about the way you want to set up your computer. That time will be well invested.

Personally, I use Apple Aperture and Noise Ninja. Aperture does a fairly decent job out of the box, and if I want to print one picture big, I just click on "edit with Noise Ninja". If I needed to print many files big, I would probably simply batch run the whole lot through DXO before importing it to Aperture. This are examples of what can be done, obviously your setup will be different.

I started a thread about noise on the A900 with full resolution samples at ISO 3200 under horrendous light if you are interested.

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