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Re: lens comparison on his site

Steve West wrote:

It's about as big as is possible to hand hold I think. I didn't think the auto focusser was working until I realized it's silent! I'm so used to hearing screw drives...

The silent AF is a little problem. Much harder to tell when focus is locked if shooting in a hurry. Causes a slight delay in my shooting as a result.

But it's a beast of a lens!

It takes a little practice to handle, give it a little time.

For "hand holding" try a shoulder mount with it.

I have both the 70-300G and 70-400G. As others have pointed out, separate purposes, the 70-300G is useful when you don't need the full reach of the 70-400G and want to cart a smaller lens. In my use they don't compete with each other.


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