50D VS, 550D which one better?

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I agree with Olga ...

... having the privilege to have been able to work with all metal DSLR Canon models (also D1-series), I developed a prejudice against plastic DSLR's (probably because of negative remarks in reviews) without ever having worked with one.

But recently we tried a T2i (550D here) and I was truly amazed. I don't recognize some of the criticism. With a baterygrip the camera feels nice, it's snappy in all respects, I haven't missed a shot so far. Sure it's not the allround camera that can do sports and high frame rates so you will have to figure out what kind of photography is your thing. But in general the T2i is a capable camera producing high quality images in many circumstances.

The remarks about video are really strange. We use the Red One for video, but started to use DSLR's for video because of the interesting price point and the possibility to use our lenses. The 550D is for video the best performing APS-C DSLR at the moment. There is no comparison with any small sensor camcorder possible. Unless of course the camera in question has a serious defect. Yes filming with a DSLR is more complicated than with a consumer HF200, but that's not the point for someone who needs true to film quality video from a DSLR. That is what you will get from a 550D.

We even have more expensive (than the HF200) small sensor Canon camcorders here and made the comparisons. The difference is shocking at high ISO. In video quality the only competition from other DSLR's comes from the 5DII and that difference is very small.

But true, for just hobby videography, using a DSLR (any DSLR that is) for video is not the easiest way. But it will give you excellent results that are closer to broadcast quality than with any consumer camcorder.

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