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Re: Using Sony professionally/limits

...., what I meant to say was .... "any SONY shooter even aspiring to the title "Pro"....

..., after all, the OP is a Sony shooter....

..., the current situation is, that photographers primarily interested in the ultimate high ISO work, should arguably be shooting with the Nikon D700, and possess a nice collection of the fastest lenses available, even though the files are only 12 mp.

The D700 doesn't produce the most suitable files for high-end professional work, however.... the A900 and A850, at sane ISOs and with good glass, beat it hands down in ultimate image quality...; high end pro work demands the best image quality. It's that simple. (The D3X does produce good high ISO results, of course, but it lags the A900 slightly at low ISOs, and costs three times the price.

...., on another note..., wedding photography, with a few exceptions, comes in at the low-end of the professional spectrum, IMHO..., so if the OP had titled this thread indicating that it was specific to available light wedding assignments..., then much of the discussion here would make more sense from my prospective.

As it is, "professional photography" spans a large repertoire.

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