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vwgn wrote:

I must profess I dont shoot concerts and events hardly ever (mostly weddings for this stuff). I was assisting another photographer and using his gear. However I turn these gigs down regularly because I am not equipped to handle them ISO wise. Being able to walk around a stage/vbenue and shoot at good shutter and not have ANY noise is a big plus. Words cannot describe how nice the out of camera images were from the D3x. Again, I know that the a700 was NEVER designed to compete against that level, but I have no option in the A mount (and likely never will) to compete against that. And if I want to pursue these gigs and my competition is using it, I will lose work to them simply because they can deliver better images and deliver them FASTER..

D3x? A D3s might give you better results at low iso but in real life a D3x is going to be little different than an A850 or A900 - and the D3x body costs several times as much and weighs more.

If you shoot weddings you might be interested in this:

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