Should Sony Send Products To DPReview for review?

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I know why :-)

fjbyrne wrote:

I think Sony should have a consistent UI across all their cameras (or at least the Alpha) and that UI should be quick-navi as can be found on the A700 and higher cameras. There is nothing in the NEX that I can see that would preclude this type of UI. It only requires a button to enable it, some way to move through the screen (joystick, 4 button, dial, etc), and someway to change the value. This would provide an elegant, efficient and consistent interface across the Sony line. I can see no good reason why they don't do this.

I know why. I have seen it argued by a few people already. Younger people who are the ipod/cell phone/video game generation won't be able to figure out how to do that stuff. They know and like the current style of NEX UI. It would be too difficult to learn a new UI.

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