Goodbye to a great friend (Photographic tribute)

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Goodbye to a great friend (Photographic tribute)

I've been gone from DPR for a few weeks due to many things in my life. One of which that has really been hard is the health of one of my four legged children. If you are a pet lover as I am, I'm sure you will understand. I've found it so difficult to pick up my gear lately. I am glad that I captured some shots recently though.

To all who care to know, It is with deep sadness that our first born son, Sir Ares of Sedgewick as known by the AKC, more affectionatly named "Ares Berries" as named by my daughter, whom he really was very protective of, left our world on June 7, 2010.

I must say, I did not ever want him to leave us, but if it's any consolation, he had a wonder and beautiful sunny weekend with family and friends and a couple really nice walks around the neighborhood.

Just before dinner while watching a great spring sunset, we took our last walk down the street. He was not doing well over the past weeks and but loved getting out. He eventually lost his balance as his legs gave out as a blot clot made it's way to his chest. My heart broke and I just new it was the end. With tears in my eyes and an 80lb baby in my arms he cried out as I carried him home and rushed him to MedVet.

I'll miss you my Big Boy. You had a great life and touched me in so many ways. Caring for you in the end was an honor. Sleep well and say hello to Jasmine for us all. We love you.

I only have a few of the many photos, thousands I'm sure, online, but here are a few I would like to share.

Ares Came into the world in April of 2000. He came to our home at just 6 weeks old and was "adopted" by Jasmine who he would see as his mother for all the years she was with us.

He was a beautiful Traditional Fawn Boxer of 79lbs with a solid black face and white chest.

He loved to jump and play outside and was great other dogs.

Even as he aged and grey hair set in, he loved to play and run

Ares was a vigilent protector and always very alert and on gaurd.

Protective, yet gentle around the kids. He really was close to our Daughter Sophia. She loved to rub his velvet ears. I'm still pretty sure he loved it more than her.

One of my last photos of Sir Ares as he enjoyed a sunny weekend outside with our family as the kids road back and forth on their bikes.

I will miss you my friend.

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RIP our Sweet Lady Jasmine II 1997-2008

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