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I think it's the transmissive viewfinder

Kirk Tuck wrote:

In the manual it tells you to remove the battery when not in use. It drains continuously even when the camera is turned off. I will have a battery at 100% charge in the camera, come back two days later and it's 92 or 93% charge. No frames fired, no chimping. I think the battery applies a constant recharge to the internal time/date/resources battery.

Try charging and then removing the bat for over night storing and see if that's behind the issue. I get about 1,000 images on a batt but only about an hour's worth of video.
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I noticed early on that the 7D battery drains much faster than my 40D does when turned off. I'm guessing it's the new viewfinder technology that causes this.

For the OP: my battery seems to be lasting a lot longer now that I've recharged it a half dozen times. And I don't sit around in the office playing with the menus as much either. So it's probably a combination of the two but right now I'm very happy with the LP-E6 battery life.

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