Will Panny Respond to Hack?

Started Jun 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: What HACK is available? Can somebody clue me in?

007peter wrote:

There is HACK available for m4/3? Can you tell me more about it. I'm not familiar with panasonic hack, what feature does it unlocked.

I"m familar with Canon's CHK hack that give you full manual control (shutter/aperture) on point/shoot that canon removed. Is this something like it?

The hack we are talking about is specifically for the GH1 and revolves around video. It allows 50Mbit 1080p MJPEG 30p recording and 32Mbit AVCHD 1080p native 24p recording. It's pretty revolutionary and the resulting video vaults the GH1 back to class leading status competitive and even superior in some respects to the $3,000 plus Canon 5D Mark II.

I know the GF1 has a language hack and maybe some other minor things, but I don't think there is anything as feature rich as the CHDK hacks available for m4/3 picture cameras on either the Panny or Olympus side.

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