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Re: Look up a D50.

Penny123 wrote:

Ah now yous have gone and confused me by mentioning the D50 lol.

Sorry to confuse you further. One true statement is that there aren't any really bad choices, which is great for you, the buyer.

I've never even really read about this one.

That's why it's cheap. Newby's don't have a clue what it is, so it's value is low. Knowledgeable photographers know that it's a good camera (for what it is...it was the first Nikon entry-level dSLR)...and at the current depressed prices, it's a real bargain.

The only thing about considering that one is I can't see it from any proper shops even refurbished.

Yes...it's too old for that.

Im a little wary of buying from an independent person incase there are any problems.

Typical newby reaction...and not unwarranted. Since you don't have a clue (at this stage) you could easily buy a "pig in a poke". If you are holding out for a really clean, low-mileage camera body, then it's simple...if it looks like it's new on the outside, it probably looks like it's new on the inside. In this down economy, there are millions of people cleaning out their closets, looking for bread money. What you want to get is one that was used a little, then put away for years...lots of dSLRs confused their owners, so this is not as hard as it might seem. Just make sure the body works ...make the seller mount a lens and install a battery and flash card...then snap off a few pix. Were they in focus? Put the camera in P-mode w/ no EC...do the images look properly exposed? [ You might brush up on what the histogram is supposed to look like ] Did you hear any funny noises? Does the VF image look clean and sharp? Look at the mirror...is it spotless? Check for wear on the lens mounting flange.

For now all id be happy with is a camera that can take just as good if not better pictures than im getting now (i know a lot of that is down to user input too) I am a little scared of all the different settings to beging with since im so used to using auto etc.. and only changing iso to 400 when im taking pictures under trees or of my dog running. Trying to make up my mind quick as there are only 2 refurb d40 left. I'll try read up about d50 tonight.

Don't hurry. There are plenty of D40s out there! The D40 was Nikon's biggest seller...ever! When you get in a hurry, the seller has you by the "short hairs". Never let the seller think that you are in a hurry!

The D50 has two primary advantages over more modern entry-level bodies:

  1. It has an AF motor, so it can use all the old (cheap) AF lenses that Nikon has made for many years.

  2. It has a hybrid shutter ...part mechanical and part electronic. It shares this with the D70. They can sync to electronic flashes at very high shutter speeds.

That 2nd point probably goes right over your head, but later on, if you stick with photography, you'll understand and appreciate.

As newby, you should read these "rules" several times...they are very terse and carefully constructed:

  1. Buy the biggest piece of Silicon (sensor) you can afford.

  2. Buy the FEWEST number of pixels you can put up with (in 2010, all cameras have too many).

  3. Buy the best lens(es) that you can afford.

  4. Buy the cheapest body you can put up with.

  5. Buy a camera that fits your hands and is not too big or heavy for you.

  6. Buy a camera that is intuitive (ie, don't have to read the manual).

  7. Read the @#$%ing manual anyway!

  8. Ignore your friends' advice.

  9. Find new friends who like you because of something other than the brand of camera you use.

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