HID for continuous lighting?

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HID for continuous lighting?

Is anyone aware of, or used HID (High Intensity Discharge) Xenon lights as a constant light source for photography?

Basically the are similar to a xenon flash tube but instead of being fired off in a single burst they operate continuously but at a lower constant power.

HID lights are commonly used in the headlights of late model cars and are much more efficient that even halogen globes.

A 12V 35 watt HID lamp is supposed to provide about 3 times the light output as a 55 watt halogen lamp.

The reason I ask is I'm am looking for a constant light source that I can run for around 4 hours off a 12v 20Ah battery feeding an 240VAC inverter portable power pack. (ie Vagabond II style)

A Bowens type head would be preferable.

I recently attended 'Film Noir' lighting workshop using 3 x 250 watt tungsten lights.
While the lighting was just adequate it was restricted to mains outlets.

I tested my Vagabond clone and got around 40 mins of runtime feeding 1 x 250 watt light.

A 35 watt HID would be brighter and give at least 4 hours of runtime off the same battery supply.

NOTE: I already have portable flash lighting but require a constant light source as up to 20 people will be shooting at once so flash is out of the question. It is also important to see the lighting placement in real time.

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