Intrigued by the 24-70 2.8L?

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Intrigued by the 24-70 2.8L?

It is interesting how most seem to have a love-hate relation ship with the 24-70. Clearly the lens is succesfull, or else Canon would have shelved it, yet most here seem to curse the thing, and favour the 24-105 F4.0L IS model. More reach and IS, you cannot beat that right!? Recently there was an interesting and lively discussion about the poinlessness of a F2.8 zoom.

Strange thing then this 24-70 lens.

I had a whole lot of zooms, cheap ones and the 24-105 IS. Eventually I ended up with the 24-70 and you know what, I have not looked back.

Yes there are the cons:

1) Heavy
2) limited range
3) not overly sharp
4) not cheap
5) no IS
6) did I mention heavy?

But then there are the pro's:

a) Sturdy
b) Excellent hood (that is a nifty thing!)
c) F 2.8

For all the cons the pro's just make it the better lens. Sharpness is a little overrated I think, in the end composition wins and as long as it is not soft. Anyway pixel peeping does not appeal to the larger public. Sturdiness becomes very nice if you plan to carry just the one lens and that Hood design makes it actually a useful hood in field.

In the end the difference between 2.8 and 4.0 is what sets it apart. 2.8 is prime territory, 4.0 is plain zoom jack of all trades. Prime like abilities in a zoom is just a winning combination. Go out on a shoot (wedding whatever) and people will be impressed with the shallow dof.

I am not saying primes are of no use, I do have plenty of those as well. Just if you need a zoom it has to have something special, else a G10 does the job. F2.8... in the end it all comes down to the fundamentals.


Jorn (5D)

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