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Re: Whoops...

I took a trip to a few camera shops today. Unfortunately none of them had second hand D40's. In fact, I got a few snobby looks and comments when I asked ("We don't stock that sort of camera..."), and they promptly tried to get me to buy more expensive models :s

I'm edging towards the D90 with either the 35mm 1.8 or 18-105 VR. It's a pretty big jump for me to spend that type of money - especially as I wanted some money left over for processing software like Aperture or Lightroom and maybe Photoshop. However, must decide by June 30 if I want to get that rebate.

Ho hum.

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DemiLion wrote:

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...I've just seen it says it'll be in stock in 'one to two months'. Dodgy Amazon.

However, I found this deal which is sorely tempting:

D90 and 35mm f1.8 for £700. Anyone have any experience with CameraWorld? Are they reliable?

I'll pick up Amateur Photographer and see whats in there tomorrow too.

With the caveat that I've only been to their London shop (the other is in Chelmsford), they are fine, and decently knowledgeable blokes too.

I can't vouch for their mail order, which I think comes from the Chelms. Branch, but I can't see that being a problem. They are regular national advertisers in most magazines.

Give them a ring before you buy though. They are offering Part-Ex deals on old cameras providing that you have all of the original accessories, if you weren't overly attached to your Fuji!

Well I live in London so I can just pop into their store just off Oxford Rd.

Hopefully the instore prices are the same as their online prices. I'm still quite reticent about spending all that money - way above my original budget. I'll play with it and see if it feels like its worth spend an extra wad of cash on.

If you are going to go up there you might as well do the round robin:

Jacobs (Tottenem Ct Rd), York Cameras and Camera Cafe (both near the British Museum). They are all about 10 minutes walk apart. The latter three all carry a reasonable selection of second hand kit. If you want a giggle walk into Jessops London branch opposite Jacobs, but don't expect any sense from the Staff!

And Yes Cameraworld do match their website, but don't expect those prices to be advertised in the shop, take notes with you (the shop is normally about 5% dearer).

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