Advice - CS5 upgrade or Lightroom 3

Started Jun 9, 2010 | Discussions thread
photous Regular Member • Posts: 128
Re: Lightroom's Achilles heel?

Simon and Richard,

Greatly appreciate the dialogue. Its helped me immensely. You guys are great. Learning curve wise, you guys are at a 10, whereas I am at maybe 2, but thats what this forum is all about. i.e. dont expect me to understand everything, but I am picking up a lot here.

For my sake, I am convinced LR should be my first stop. Advantage - free up my internal HD and yet have access to all my database. Question here tho - When you attach your camera, do you ask LR or Br to import your images? I am using Bridge currently. If you use LR, I understand it would be the same as using Br as you can assign the right path (can be external drive). Is that right?

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