New DSLR user- what to carry in my bag?

Started Jun 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
nmonckton Regular Member • Posts: 376
Re: New DSLR user- what to carry in my bag?

The Fastpack 350 is a great bag - it is also very large. Mine holds an Oly E-3 with zoom, a telezoom, wide angle zoom, macro lens ,4 spare batteries and 13Gigs of memory card - in the bottom compartment! Oh! And the flashgun and spare batteries.

I find I can get my cagoule in the laptop slot, when I'm not using the laptop - depends where you're going on holiday - I can also get a short-ish monopod in the same compartment.

I generally use something smaller on holiday - the Off-Trail waste pack would probably take your kit nicely for example.

As to what else you might take - how about a Gorillapod (I can get one of those in as well), an mp3 player or voice recorder, a swiss army knife (in checked luggage through the airport), a decent guide book with some nice photos (there's no harm in getting inspired), or your old P&S in case you go somewhere a bigger camera would intrude.

And don't forget something to read on the plane - if you're flying.


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