Ghetto solar filter for my TZ7 -->DIY project and pics

Started Jun 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Ghetto solar filter for my TZ7 -->DIY project and pics

After some thought inspired by this thread:

... I decided a few weeks a go that it would be cool to see what my TZ7 can do with Sun as its subject.

Moons are a bit overdone and it was raining for 2 weeks so I'm really happy the sun is out finally.

So while i was thinking about how to make it happen I stumbled upon ebay sale for a sheet of Black polymer which looked like the cheapest way to try this.;-)

It arrived the other day and after a quick look through it, at the sun, and a few trial photos convincing me it works i decided to make a ghetto solar photography setup.

Here is my try in making a poor mans black polymer sun filter.
I hope you'll enjoy the pics of the project!

Things we'll need:
-1 sheet of Black polymer
-1 small "something" to glue it on and make a filter to fit your camera
(in my case that turned out to be a small hand creme round metal box:-) )
-dremmel with a cutting sheet attachment
-glue (nothing special)
-sharp cutting knife
-black electrical tape

The metal box cca 35mm din dia.

This is the way I cut into sides cause it was "just" to tight over the lens. Doing this enabled it to be placed and it is held there by the elasticity of the metal.

First fitting:

Markings on where to cut.

Decided to cut a bit further...

Vignetting at 25mm

Connected the sides with a dremel

Less vignetting at wide now! Disappears at around 35mm

Metal work: Done!:-)

Placed on the Black polymer sheet, then, face down and ready to cut the sheet in a square around it.

Spread some glue on a piece of paper:

...and press the cap face down on it. upon lifting be sure to remove any loose strings of glue so you don't mess up the BP sheet with it.

Next: ...Place on pre-cut BP sheet and apply some light pressure for it to sick and hold for a minute or two.

After some time use the cutting knife to remove any excess of the foil by holding the cap firmly and circling it with the knife.

Now for improving on how it looks. (OK it is also good for protecting the lens from metal sides of this "filter")
Ta-Da ! ! !

Here it is mounted on the camera:

Mounted on a $10 tripod photographed with iPhone 3GS!

A word of caution!: When the camera goes to sleep mode and retracts the lens... filter comes off.

But it is of no great concern. Even if it happens when pointed at the sun, the lens protection petals are there almost instantly after.
That's That!
Some first photos in the post below:

There was a "bit" of haze in the sky, even at 10 AM I think it can do better than this

All input, comments and suggestions on technique of photographing and PP are most welcome.

100% crops in the same order as original pics from the gallery:
OOC pics no PP done.

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