non DSLR with Manual zoom AND Manual focus rings

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Re: non DSLR with Manual zoom AND Manual focus rings

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

Always cracks me up when people bring up the price point of a bridge camera being in the same ballpark as a DSLR.

Heck . . . a Dodge Ram, Ford or Chevy/GMC truck can cost more than a Lincoln Town Car . . .

Dude! The OP said he wanted a DSLR but could not afford it. That's why I mentioned the cost of the DSLR. Crack that up.

As with ANY camera, once you get used to the EVF of the higher end bridge superzooms, manual focus is very easy.

I can quite happily get used to an EVF on a larger sensor cam like the EP-2. Heck, I can even focus well on the LCD of the PEN EP-2. It's certainly not the same with my older bridge cam.

And to be perfectly honest, most cropped-sensored DSLR viewfinders are almost (notice I said "almost") impossible to manual focus, not to mention that DOF preview is not accurate like in an FF digital or 35mm film SLR and really not any easier to use than the EVF of my FZ50 or other superzooms.

Sure. That's why I emphasised that the OVF has to be clear.

  • Manual focus handheld shot from my FZ50:

Took this shot during the first week I owned the FZ50 (frame number 189) . . .

Good on ya.

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