Pentax-D FA 100mm WR f/2.8 Macro Review (Popular Photography)

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Re: Pentax-D FA 100mm WR f/2.8 Macro Review (Popular Photography)

Ared Mossinel wrote:

There are several technicalities... but yes.

Any of pentax's lenses can be mounted on a pentax body, more or less...I think your question might be more accurately stated as: Does the image circle cover film AND Can a film camera control it?

Image circle: no problem, this is the same as the old D-FA
Control: only if it supports auto exposure as there is no aperture ring.

The Pentax DFA 100mm macro lenses do have aperture rings. I think that the 50mm macro also has an aperture ring. They are therefore compatible with the older SLR K-mount bodies.

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