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Re: I agree I think all we will ever get from Sony at this level AA and up are

digitalshooter wrote:

a few bones. Sony realizes their niche, its just that they do not have the courage to come out and say: we can and only want to compete in the market below the advanced amatuer.


RIP Sony


Well, I disagree, DS. Sony is trying to move on many fronts at once, so their movement on many of these fronts may seem glacial, but I think that movement is substantially quickening this year. Of course they simply have to establish their low-end market, and they have moved in the last month to strengthem their position there, with the NEX cameras and the stop-gap revised A290/390. Now we'll see them move up the ladder al the way to one or more new FF models. And lenses. It won't be throwing us a bone.

This is not a year like the last for Sony.
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