43rumors - Impending Death of 4/3

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43rumors - Impending Death of 4/3

Today we have the new post from 43rumors.com with two "FT2" level rumors which may spell the death of the 4/3 format for Olympus. I recommend that you read the full post, as to not take the announcement out of context.


The first rumor.

"Olympus is indeed going to stop developing new four third lenses. The time has come for Olympus to move in a bold new direction with its cameras"

and the second rumor.

"there will be a new line of the HG or “High Grade” lenses that will be pancake primes, similar to the special edition lenses that Pentax has become so famous for. The most exciting thing is that they will be, in spite of being “4/3″ labeled, able to cover a larger image circle"

So what does this mean for 4/3?

If all is true, Olympus is giving us a pathway to upgrade without sacrificing our current lenses. We will have to buy the separate 4/3 mount and sensor accessories to use them, but it's a pathway at the least. 4/3 lenses will go away over the years and we will have the choice to go along for the ride, or look to Panasonic for refuge. Given the poor reception 4/3 has gotten in the photographic community, I feel would be the correct path for Olympus to take.

What about these new SHG lenses rumored?

The key here is that the light coverage of these new lenses will be larger. We can extrapolate two things here. The new format from Olympus will have a smaller crop ratio and larger sensor. Our existing lenses may also suffer a shortening of their focal lengths with the first rumor's sensor and mount accessories.

Gee Sean your an idiot, do you believe everything you read?

No, but given the lack of communication from Olympus it gives me good reason to think that they are being quiet so they do not disrupt their current user base. If there was a time to jump ship, it would be now and Olympus knows that. 43rumors has been right in the past and given the climate, I think there is some truth to this.

Hope it's all good info and for those who embrace change it can be an exciting time. I know that I'll be sticking around.

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