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Re: Using Sony professionally/limits

alphaone wrote:

I disagree.
What i use is none of the clients business. The client is not buying a camera.

True, but clients are buying an image and some of them will want (need) an image of certain quality or technical trait. What is so hard to understand that some paying clients are demanding images of greater quality than "any camera"? Will an image taken from a 6mp DSLR satisfy the art director for a high end fashion magazine because I told him any camera can take the picture they want?

I use different brands for different things. They are tools to help me sell a product.

You just proved my point with that statement.

Like i said. Don't put so much faith in the tools doing the work for you.

If 10 photographers all have the same body and lens one will get the product that a client will buy. If 10 photographers all have different bodies and lenses only one will get the sale. Not necessarily the one that got the sale in the group with all the same bodies.

I have faitih in my ability to make a good image , but I know I can make a technically superior images with more advanced equipment than what I have. If the day comes I get a call to photograph the new NFL stadium and they want minimum 25 MP 16bit TIFF files... I guess telling them my Sony A700 will do just as good will be alright

Sad but does matter for many jobs. If it didn't every pro would be shooting a Brownie
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