backing up CF/SDHS cards to iPad?

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Re: backing up CF/SDHS cards to iPad?

Tom_N wrote:

VDG wrote:

I am trying to justify iPad (puny 64GB) purchase and would like to know whether there is any (easy) way to back up CF/SDHS cards to it and possibly view pix in the process.. I wont even mention tethering.. thanks.

The Camera Connection Kit includes a SD card reader, and another adapter to let you import pictures directly from many cameras. Consensus seems to be that the iPad can display .JPGs and .JPG preview images; it's not clear if it can display .RAW files that lack preview images.

As for storage capacity, 64 GB is hardly "puny", especially considering that the iPad has 64 GB of flash storage -- not a 64 GB hard drive.

There are dedicated portable backup devices that use notebook hard drives. The devices store 160 GB to 250 GB or more, with preview screens ranging from non-existent (i.e., B/W screen for control purposes only) to 4" color.

excellent, thanks I will definitely get picture kit if i decide to get one.. lack of camera (especially front facing) is a major downside for me but I may live with it .. dunno yet.. decisions.. decisions..

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