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HarbingerOfDoom wrote:

I am a working photographer and the only limits to ANY camera is the person operating it. The idea behind working for a living is to sell your product. Every single camera I have ever picked up is capable of that bar none. That includes a shoe box with duct tape and film. Too many put too much faith in the tools to do the work for them.
Run for your lives.

Just out of curiosity are you doing your dailiy work using that shoe box camera?

That old argument is great for academic discussions...but in the professional world you are at a competitive disadvantage when your colleagues are using gear that lets them work faster and produce technically better photos. If nothinge else it impresses a client more when you tell them you're shooting their project with a $30K setup rather than a cadboard box...and in the real world that kind of stuff matters whether we like it or not. I'd have a hard time doing an architectural commission with a pinhole camera and promising a client my photos will be as good (or better) than the next talented photographer using a MFD system with T/S lenses. If nothing else he probably won the job from me as he could bid it lower by producing the same photos in half the time of me and my "artistic" pinhole setup.

Great gear will never make up for lack of talent and knowledge of photography, but in the pro world it's not a lion among the sheep trying to survive...gear makes a difference. If it didn't then the top gear wouldn't exist and pros wouldn't be spending the big money buying them.
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