Using Sony professionally/limits

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Re: Using Sony professionally/limits

vwgn wrote:

Being able to walk around a stage/vbenue and shoot at good shutter and not have ANY noise is a big plus. Words cannot describe how nice the out of camera images were from the D3x.

The problem is that this is just not true. As you can verify at dxomark, the difference in noise between the D3X and the A900 is at most 3db or 1 stop.

Perhaps the post processing was done better with more aggressive noise reduction and sharpening, or perhaps the situation was just different. But when starting with the same raw, there is just not more than 1 stop noise difference (at most) between them.

I am not saying you should consider to use Nikon or that the D3x is not nice. I just think that you might do a very expensive switch and then be disappointed as well

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