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Re: Using Sony professionally/limits

I also agree Sony has an excellent lens selection. I own over a dozen, but rarely carry more than 3 on a job (excluding duplicate backup lenses). I dont think its grass being greener. My needs are changing, and that change is difficult as Sony is hindering it. I started shooting T&I youth sports and kids portraits. Most of this work is iso 100/200 and I have all kinds of control on lighting etc.

As I move into weddings, and commercial work, Sony STILL shines at portraits where I can bring in lighting and studio work where I can shoot iso 100. I just delivered some 20x24 prints to a couple of brides from their bridal sessions and with no upressing from a700 they were tack sharp and gorgeous at arms length viewing. Hower at concerts/events/poor lit wedding ceremonies I am struggling. Its not a matter of learning my gear etc I know it inside and out. I have been shooting for over a decade and know what I am doing. I just cant seem to get what I need out of the gear I have, and found another tool that delivers what I need.

I have heard LR3 is great, and I am going to get it soon. That will eliminate some of the extra workflow I cannot introduce. I use LR only for about 98% of my images and staying inside the dev module will be great. However, not having to fool with it to begin with is even better.

I know not to look at noise at 100% on my monitor, but I have had some instances where even at 1600 w/my a700, using some of the known settings for best results (like negative # on zone contrast etc), I could not make a decent 11x14 print, when I know even iso 400 will make a stunning 24x36 print out of that camera. I am also aware underexposure will make noise. This is the dilema: Using a 200mm lens at f2.8, and even on a tripod, you still need 1/125 to get a fairly sharp image at decent print size. that puts me at iso 3200 most of the time or 1/60, which even on a tripod wont make a sharp image at a ceremony.

I must profess I dont shoot concerts and events hardly ever (mostly weddings for this stuff). I was assisting another photographer and using his gear. However I turn these gigs down regularly because I am not equipped to handle them ISO wise. Being able to walk around a stage/vbenue and shoot at good shutter and not have ANY noise is a big plus. Words cannot describe how nice the out of camera images were from the D3x. Again, I know that the a700 was NEVER designed to compete against that level, but I have no option in the A mount (and likely never will) to compete against that. And if I want to pursue these gigs and my competition is using it, I will lose work to them simply because they can deliver better images and deliver them FASTER..

Tomodo89: would you mind sharing your preset or how you came about the settings (email me)? I am fully open to admit, that some of this may just be my post processing skills. I am NOT a PS wizard and simply try to get it right in camera.

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