My view about Pentax

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Flat view
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My view about Pentax

I'm not a Pentax user, but I have observed pentax lately. I found that pentax cameras looks more designed by photographers rather than accountants. It seems to pay close attention to the needs of photographers.

Some of the things I liked:
smaller size
light weight
great prime lenses
weather sealing
more affordable

Some things that I do not like:
poor iso performance (especially K7)
lack of breakthrough in technology
marketing and promotion activities are minimal
inadequate sales service, at least in my country
less agile in competitive markets

I think pentax must -as soon as possible- make a major breakthrough in the world of digital photography. With long experience in the world of optics, I'm sure pentax has the capability to compete further with other manufacturers. If necessary, joint research with electronics companies to develop new and innovative digital imaging technologies can be made.

Flat view
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