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Looking for some advice

Hi, im looking for some advice. I currently have a canon powershot A610. I've had this camera for a good few years and it has done me well. For the type of pictures I like taken I have gotten many im pleased with. Its easy to use and I love the colour of the images. It does lack in zoom, low light the usual etc..

For a while i've been thinking of moving to a dslr but can never bring myself to make that final commitment as Im a bit worried to part with money incase I wont notice a great difference. I had looked at the canon G11, olympus pen, but I think if im going to get a new camera I fancy a nikon slr. The D90 is just a bit out of my price range and feel it would be too much of a step up and i may feel over whelmed by it. I don't know too much about using a dslr but have been picking lots up from all the research i've been doing, so now understand more on aperture, shutter speed etc.

What im looking for is an easy to use camera that i can use right away, but also has a bit of room to learn the different settings. I don't want to do any post processing so would like one that has excellent jpegs right out of the camera. I like lovely vibrant pictures, yet natrual looking.

I've 2 options a refurbished D40 (body only) for about £180 from what looks like a reputable camera shop with 6 month warranty. Is it silly buying a camera that is now a good few years old? I've seen lovely pictures from one and all reviews seem to be good. They said they could do one with 18-55 for £249, not sure if thats the VR one or not. They also have a D60 with kit lens for about £370

Second option is a D5000 more expensive at about £470, again good reviews, not seen as many pictures taken from it by people using it as an everyday camera.

I mainly take pictures of my dog still and moving, scenery, flowers etc..

What I don't know is whether to start off on the cheap (d40) as I don't know how I will find an SLR and I can play around and in the future move to something more if needed or pay that little extra for the d5000.

I think in the site rules its ok to post a link to some of the photos i've taken, this is the type of quality images im getting, will I notice a big enough improvement to warrant any of these camera.


I know my pictures aren't perfect but I just like to capture things as I see them and use it for general use.

Thanks for any input

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