Can't Wait Any Longer! Any S5 owners make leap to Canon? (5dmkii)

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Re: Can't Wait Any Longer! Any S5 owners make leap to Canon? (5dmkii)

veroman wrote:

There is now only one camera remaining: the 5D II. It is head and shoulders above the S5 Pro (no surprise there) and, in my experience, provides significantly better IQ than any of the Nikons, including the coveted D700 ... which I found to be soft, soft, soft and not anywhere near as good as the 5D II in rendering detail.

Well, since I have both Fuji DSLRs (S2+3+5) and the Canon 5dII, I know both sides well. The 5dII is indeed a gread cameras that can provide good detail and colour and probably much better than the Fujis. However with a bit IF: "IF" the lights stays tame and smooth. As soon as the light gets harsh and particulary contrasty, the Canon virtually collapses and produces not only blown highlights but also mushy colors and unnatural rendering. Not so the Fuji S3 and S5.

There is no doubt that Fuji in terms of latitude and it's ability to cope with even very difficult light while still producing beautiful colours is still head and sholders above any Canon.

I use the 5dII often to shoot my little daughter without flash, in the house at ISO800. The Fuji would be much worse at that, but as soon as a few sunbeams fall on my daughters head which is otherwise in the shadow, the shot is automatically ruinded with the Canon. It just cannot cope wtih it.

Bottom of the line: Very simple: I keep both. And I am not interested in the d3x or the d700. D3x is too much money, the d700 leave me highly unimpressed....


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