Nex5 makes two positions in Top Ten sellers in Japan

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Re: We are looking at the wrong points

safaridon wrote:

I also am concerned by the number of overexposed pictures from the NEXs I have seen and apparently the set under or over exposure settings are overriden in the iA mode. However on the other hand I have seen some very nice portrait pictures posted that are properly exposed and good color. I don't have a problem of auto ISO to go to only 1600 ISO as Sony maybe wanted the best IQ for newcomers and you can always set higher ISO if necessary using other modes of operation. Don't know if there is any mode you can enable auto ISO given the difficulty to change ISO and still be able to retain the desired underexposure?

Have no is just as easy to use Program mode as it is iAuto and Aperture Priority is probably the most commonly used mode and very easy as well.

There is no difficulty to change ISO, it is baloney that is being sent out....changing ISO might take about 5 seconds and EV settings about 3 seconds. Of course you can change them both.

For the Auto ISO only going up to really isn't a problem. It has to be quite dark to need more than ISO-1600 can provide. Also by the time you would want ISO-3200 or more, you'll probably want to use Handheld Twilight. In that mode you have the best High ISO/Low-Noise of any camera under $2,000+ Full Frame models.

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