Nikon updated 85mm 1.8D with 9 rounded blades?

Started Jun 8, 2010 | Discussions thread
GoldRingNikkor Senior Member • Posts: 1,841
Re: Mine has 9 straight blades.

ianz28 wrote:

I too would be curious if this lens has been quietly updated. I would likely ebay mine and get the update....even if it costs me a bit. Anyone want a nice clean 85 f1.8d purchased about 1 year ago?

Took some quick aperture snaps for you. definitely not rounded but yes it has 9 blades.

I used to own the lens, but can't say anything about rounded or not. But I don't think they'd be rounded all the way down to f/22 (or whatever the minimum aperture is). Usually, they're rounded so they create a circular opening at the wider apertures (close to wide open), but once stopped down massively, they're straight again. So, you should try to snap your lens at f/2 or f/2.8 (there's a small lever at the lens mount that you can move to open the aperture).

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