Help with fixed wide angle lens

Started Jun 8, 2010 | Discussions thread
davestar Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: I suggest...

I was about to make the same suggestion (a wide angle zoom is just a fixed angle zoom if you don't twist the ring!), but the 9-18mm is pretty sizable when in the 9mm position. Stowing it while collapsed would necessitate some two-handed finagling when he pulls it out to take photos.

siminona wrote:

I know you asked for a fixed angle lens, but you should consider the Olympus 9-18mm. I just received mine a few days ago, and this thing is amazingly compact. Not to mention fast and silent when autofocusing. If you can fit the Pen with the kit zoom in the bag, you'll be able to do the same with the 9-18. It's smaller than it looks in the pictures. It's pretty cute. It goes really wide when you need it to be. Or you can zoom in and have a more "normal" FOV at 36mm (equiv).

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