LX5 info leaked

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National details

Danny wrote:

From a trusted source;

Please keep this between you and me.


New lens design by Yoko, starts at 35mm f8.
New lens cap, now with mickey mouse ears. (finally)
Body color; flamingo pink.

New shutter sound options; 'duck' 'pistol' and 'lambada'. (cannot be switched off)
Lens has now the option to squirt water instead of taking picture.
New video option, no HD but VHS.

Because of the new features camera start-up time has been extended to 5 minutes, which is a bummer, but I still think its worth it.

You forgot to mention that the flamingo pink model is for the Japanese market only, where there will also be an optional 'Hello Kitty' label on the front surface. In the US the LX5 will only be available in black, while in Europe you will be able to specify your own colour using CMYK values.

Oh and in an upgraded exercise in cost reduction the camera manual will only be available online in Japanese with links to Google translate - so no change there then!

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