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Re: S602 - Where to buy in UK

Rikky Apps wrote:

Ludwig wrote:


Does anyone know where can I get a good price for S602 in UK?


I bought mine from Jessops in the "High Street". But first I
looked around the web to see what prices were like, printed off the
details of the cheapest I could find and then was prepared to
haggle. I got mine with a 128 card for £605 - they were asking
£595 at the time for just the camera. I heard that a friend of my
son got Jessops down to £550 for camera and 128 card a few weeks

Buying in the "High Street" meant I could handle the actual camera
before I bought and I can take it back rather then having to post

My advice - do your home work, shop locally and haggle hard.

Pixmania may be one of the cheapest... but you will have some problems if it need to be returned, as experienced by more then one forum user.

Cheapest...somtimes is not always best... Try and buy from somewhere like Jessops where you have a 30day no quible return policy...if you dont like it..have your money back... no hassle. To me thats worth quite a few pounds, you may have to pay 20-00 or even £30-00 above the cheapest price available on the Net but IMO its worth it... unless you are very lucky indeed. :-))


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