a falling Meteor hit my D3 camera (of all things !)

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a falling Meteor hit my D3 camera (of all things !)

... and I'm still Pi$$ed !

You see, I found the unique-looking rock last January while hiking my dog, Grady, up in the North Georgia mountains (which I do somewhat frequently when my mind is out in space).

This morning, I was for some reason thinking of shooting stars (after some chick told me she looks up to shooting stars & thinks of me) ... and it dawned on me that this same unique looking rock, which has been sitting on the counter-top in my bathroom since the time I found it, at the beginning of the year (now coated with space-dust from our own house) - might be a meteorite.

So, this afternoon, while eating another bowl of cereal for lunch, I went to look at the unique-looking rock again, though more closely - and yep, it indeed is. It's a bonna-fide meteorite! I assure you.

You can imagine my excitement. And when I get excited, so does my dog, Grady, who thinks I'm excited because I want to wrestle with her - as I do all the time anyway.

Damn that meteorite! I had stupidly placed it on the very edge of my desk (as I had been holding it non-stop in my hand since determining it was a heavy, black, partly melted, very, very old looking, meteorite ... as opposed to a pound of shiny gold, which I was hopeing it instead was since the very beginning) - just prior to Grady slamming both of her out-stretched & stiffened front paws into the side of my right shoulder, that she could gain an early, harsh, first-strike on me.

Well, the elbow of my left arm struck that still-hot-in-my-mind meteorite smack-head-on, and the darn heaver-than-it-seems-it-should-be alien rock fell off the top of the desk: the same one which supports my photoshop computer, through which I create comets & other far-fetched imagery ideas.

And guess what?

There beside my chair, and directly under the edge of the surface of my desk, is one of my D3 cameras mounted to my 300mm lens, pointing downward & resting on the floor (i.e. the camera's menu LCD is facing upward - directly toward the now falling meteor).

MAN !!!!

I have the HARDEST LUCK...

My life has so far been one continuous rocky-road; where, over half of all my photography equipment has been somehow dropped or destroyed or broken-in-half or smashed-wide-open, or whatever. None of my photography equipment is without heavy bangs & bruises. ... But let me tell ya, this seems to take the cake !

Are any of y'all a bartender by trade?


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