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Re: plus minus

plus: Bracketing

don't use it, so can't comment

minus: perhaps not so good AF tracking

Better in my view than gthe GF1 - though I imagine the G1 which does have an EFV performs around the same. You need an optical viewfinder for good tracking, but within the limitations of the EFV, on the NX10. once you start to shoot on continuous frames in JPEG, the image clears from the EFV very quickly after each individula shot, so a sense of tracking can occur, it's the one big area that mirrorless cannot compete with DSLR's.

plus: optics are good.

optics are very good, for kit lenses, they are sharp and clear and represent good value. the 30mm prime llikewise represents very good value.

plus: aps sensor

Most reviews have this performing SLIGHTLY better than the current M4/3 batch - and really, it's edge in performance should be more obvious - no doubt the future bodies will be.

minus: sensor half stop to one stop less high-iso-able than typical aps

can't say - and wouldn't lose any sleep over this anyway.

minus: dust after purchase "typical as in dslrs"

mine seems clear.

plus: resolution

The sensor is well matched to the current lenses, plenty of scope for cropping and retaining quality.

possible plus: non-chipped battery ????

I have just bought a 3rd party battery which is working fine (£14.99 E-Bay in the UK) but I have not exhausted it yet, so cannot compare with the Samsung original.

The keyword that you have missed ou is PORTABILITY - you simply cannot give consideration to a camera like this without factoring that in as something that substantially offsets anything else that you feel compromises your shopping list. To take just this camera out on a day out with the 30mm lens is quite lliberating, while retaining superb image quality, especially inside National Trust buildings, where flash photography is not allowed.

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