New 50D Prime lens 50 1.4 or 60 2.8

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Re: New 50D Prime lens 50 1.4 or 60 2.8

Joe Photo Lover wrote:

Thunderfield wrote:

I have the 60/2.8 macro and it is a very nice lens indeed.

BUT! > The AF is slow. REALLY slow. And sometimes it focus hunts forever, even in good conditions. So unless your subject is immobile, ... it's not very useful. In social situations people become impatient sometimes because of the slow focus!

So keep that in mind. Very very good lens, image quality-wise, but a slow focuser.

Most macro lenses are slow focusing at macro distances but I've never heard anyone complain that the Canon 60mm f2.8 is slow to focus on people in good light before.

Actually I think the 60 macro is pretty quick. One problem, though, is that unlike many macro lenses it has no focus limiter, and if it decides to wind the full length of the focusing range it takes an age. FTM focusing to the rescue - just pull the focusing ring to roughly the right place before autofocusing and it won't hunt at all in reasonable light.

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