BEST dynamic range at ISO X at YOUR dslr?!

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Re: Dynamic range at ISO X at MY DSLR

The D90 "magic" dynamic range is fancy urban legend dependent on measure method.
The method as on DXO site is based on SNR value.

I.E. if we'd found a way to blend pixels at hardware level we can make any dynamic range. The cost is picture clarity and sharpness.

Because DR is a brightest highlights/deepest shadows ratio with predefined SNR.

As a long time D90 user I can confirm that D90 RAW files looks as they were noise reduction already applied, smoothed and blurred. And expect no tiny details. D300 is much better.

And for topic question:
The base ISO is not so perfectly calculated.

In case of D90 the best DR achieved at ISO Lo-1 (1/3 stop) or ISO160 as marked in EXIF.
Same seems for my D300s.

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