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Re: I want to buy the ZS6

As usual T is shoving his precious ZS3 down people's throats, and has his facts wrong.


Firstly to actually answer your question, the ZS6/7 have been upgraded to the same functionality as the FZ and G range - there is now a full Picture Adjustment menu, in which you have 5-step control over Noise Reduction, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpening. None of this is available in the ZS3.

The Power OIS is tangibly more effective than the old Mega OIS.

The ZS6 is a special version of the ZS7, and is only available at Costco.

It has a 3.0" LCD - the same as the ZS3.

It records HD 1280 x 720, 30 fps movies, but they are in the older MPEG format, so will not have the stereo sound or long record times of the AVCHD format, which is standard on both the ZS3 and new ZS7. Whether you think the extra video features are worth it, is entirely up to you. Caveats aside, the ZS6 videos will be much easier to edit on your computer, and will look fantastic in HD.

It has a longer battery life than the ZS3.

In place of the Movie button on the back - it has an E-Zoom button - which some people have reported as very convenient for reaching the maximum zoom very quickly.

The manual controls can be fun - they are not a marketing gimmick. There is some credence in T's explanation re the DOF, but again I know of many many people that own ZS6 and ZS7's and really enjoy the manual control. Of course it won't give anywhere near the adjustability of a DSLR, but that is not news.

Go to Steve's Digicams or do a Flickr search if you want to see many beautiful photos taken with the ZS6 and ZS7. Some people are pixel-peeping perfectionists, who care more about technical image quality than just enjoying capturing and sharing their memories, for which the ZS3 or ZS6 or ZS7 will give smashing results.

Everything I have stated above is not my persoanl opinion - they are either published facts or information that can simply be found by reading the many reviews, both professional and by users that are available on the internet. It is not rocket science!

I have resisted yelling at you with bold and underlines and italics to try and make a personal statement - I assume you are not illiterate or stupid, and can read plain English.

I don't disagree that the ZS3 is a fantastic camera, and possibly a classic in it's own right (I own one), if you can get a good deal on one I'm sure you would be very happy, but make your own decision, don't be swayed by zealots.

I hope you enjoy your choice and make some great memories,

Kind Regards

Edit: According to this thread, there is a $50 discount coming up on the ZS6 this Thursday:

Trensamiro preached:

bgn wrote:

I am thinking of buying the ZS6. I have an LX3 and would like to use the ZS6 when I want a better zoom. I don't need GPS and therefore would like to buy the ZS6 rather than the ZS7. Does anyone know of a reliable place where I can buy the ZS6? I live in Maryland but would consider an online purchase. Also, I was wondering if anyone has found the you can get around the problem of smudging of details by reducing the NR on the ZS6? Thanks in advance for any info.


You'd be better off with a ZS3 . You'll get the following:

  • Better IQ , no smearing of fine detail, no oversharpening of edges, less noise at all ISO, better high ISO (low light) image quality

  • High Definition video at 1280 x 720, 30 fps, with Dolby Stereo CD-quality sound and 2 h 15 min in a single 16 Gb card

  • Much (and I mean much ) better, larger LCD : 460.000 pixels and 3"


The only thing you would "lose" is "manual control" modes which, for a small-sensor camera, is nothing but a marketing gimmick which at best is ineffective and at worst can compromise image quality even further due to diffraction.

See my Lumix ZS3 (TZ7) pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mirepapa/

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