Upscaling to print big - Help needed

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Good advice

Karsten Meyer wrote:

I wouldn't change the dimensions at all and give away just the original size. So your partner will get the maximum qualitiy, and his printer driver will do the rest.

Otherwise you should really know which resolution is best for that specific printer.


First, up-rezzing a photo by as much as 2x isn't a big deal. Technique does matter, and qimage has very, very good algorithms for doing it. I use it a lot, and print well above 15x20, letting qimage handle the upsizing and optimization, because while I may be able to do it a bit better, that difference isn't visible until I'm pushing an image up to 3x larger. Qimage is also very aware of different printer brands having different native dpi to get the best looking output. For example, you'll get better output from an Epson at 180, 240, or 360 DPI than you will at 300 dpi, which is what a lot of people choose... OK for laser printers or for HP, but not for Epson.

Photoshop does a good job of upsizing also, just be aware of which approach its choosing, and try one or two and compare. I find that some images do better with different approaches than others.

I always let the printer (person) handle the uprez work as long as I know he or she knows what they're doing, since a print professional will know what works well and may have more than one tool for upsizing a file. If I do not have confidence in the print shop, I'll do the work but only after finding out what the print device calls for, getting their profile (if available... if not, then I know I'm in trouble) and doing a little research before upsizing.

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