Beginners DSLR...used v new, SLR v micro four-thirds

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Beginners DSLR...used v new, SLR v micro four-thirds

Hey everyone,

Been reading these forums for a long time and have found them a fantastic help. I'll try and be short and succinct:

Background: Been shooting for a while with a Fujifilm F31fd which has served me well. I chose it for its for its relatively good performance at high ISO's (for a P&S). However, I'm now beginning to find its limitations frustrating in terms of control and performance. I'd also like to start shooting in RAW for more control of my photos in editing.

Interests (see photos below!)

I'm particularly interested in urban photography - by which I mean cityscapes, architecture, street - both in my own city (London) and when travelling. This can frequently be in low light (sunsets/dawns) when scapes and architecture can be made more 'interesting' (imo). I've also taken a few photos at football (soccer) games - although my focus is often more the architecture of the grounds and the crowds than the action itself. I'm not particularly interested in nature and wildlife photography (although the camera I had would've made such an interest difficult).

Budget: £650 max


  • D40 & 18-55mm (used) - £230.00.

  • D40x & 18-55mm (used) - £299.00

  • D3000 & 18-55mm VR - £334.00

  • D5000 & 18-55mm VR - 473.00

  • Panasonic GF1 & 20mm pancake- £649.00

Issues (for want of a better word)

Price - Well, if I got one of the used sets I'd be able to spend more cash on some nice lens (any suggestsions would be great). Anything to be aware of when buying used? I will be getting them from a bricks and mortar dealer.

Size - When I travel I tend to backpack by myself. I don't think I could take a DSLR on such a trip as its just too big (can't just slip it into my pocket for example when I go to the toilet on a sleeper train) and draws too much attention when walking around some of the less salubrious parts of cities at night. With a m4/3 system I can slip it into my pocket when I need to and doesn't look as flashy (even if it is actually more expensive). This is only an issue when backpacking - taking photos in my own city or on weekend breaks is fine.

System - Nikon system is obviously a fair bit more flexible than the m4/3 system, even if the Panny 30mm f.1/4 does look an impressive lens. Plus the low light capabilities of DSLR seem generally stronger.

I don't pretend to be any sort of expert so please correct me if I'm mistaken in anything I've said! I look forward to your collective wisdom!

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