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Re: 10 Months Later

A Modest Mouse wrote:

It seems surveys and lens favoring are important topics as we gain distance from this survey; I wonder if the results would be any different now?

Would the DA15 be more popular? Would the DA21 rank lower now? Has the luster from the DA35 worn off?


Well you had me questioning my sanity for a moment (didn't check the start date)

I don't think the top spot would alter as on a level playing (no price constraint) field the 31mm limited is surely top dog.

I wonder about the 35 though as its never seemed to fit it jack of all billing , rather master of none.

Its to short for macro yet the very thing that give it macro ruins its general use bokeh leaving neither on nor the other.

I do think the 15mm is making headway deservedly in it reputation, and the 21mm is a curious beast almost a specialist tool with it FA type peaky performance.

Whether enough people have warmed to the 21's charms I doubt , I see it similar to the fa24 and 31 a very fine lens but needs to be tamed by the photographer or the images can be a bit leery.

In your hands both the 24 and 31 shine but by others I've seem images I don't like.

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