How do you compensate for clipping RGB histograms?

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Marc de Vries Contributing Member • Posts: 856
Re: How do you compensate for clipping RGB histograms?

DanInSoCal wrote:

So you've hit on probably the single most significant difference (and limitation) of digital versus film -- reduced dynamic range.

Totally wrong.
Digital has a much improved dynamic range compared to film.

The real difference is, that it is easy to notice that you have ranged the edge of your dynamic range, while with film you didn't notice it. (but you still ran out of dynamic range)

Look at this site for clearly visible proof:

And also an explanation why people didn't notice it with film. Film has this huge S curve.

Still, you can get in situation where even the extra dynamic range of digital is not enough.

A few options:
1. reduce the dynamic range. Fill in shadows with fill flash for example.

2. Take multiple shots covering the entire dynamic range and combine later in photoshop. (exposure bracketing is very usefull for that)

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