BEST dynamic range at ISO X at YOUR dslr?!

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Re: Dynamic range at ISO X at MY DSLR

Tricky question. Actually the best Dynamic range seems to be coming from manufacturers who are using the British Apical technology (except they never say that it is Apical technology that they are using under licence and they give it some sort of house acronym. Nikon and Sony both use it. Sony call it DRO+ In their top end cameras (A700 and upwards) Sony is getting very impressive extended dynamic range with this technology. They seem to get more out of it because they have a dedicated chip inside just for it. It isn't the same as just tweaking curves PP. Check the Apical homepage for details on how it works, essentially, each pixel can have its ISO set individually and by a user selected amount. It is curious that camera reviewers never seem to bother to really explore and compare results with this technology engaged.
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