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Re: Hello Lester_B

Hi Lester, sorry to have prodded you into replying. There is no auto-notification on DPR but just hit your link to the site and then click on the User? tab and options will drop down of which you click on My Threads/. There you will see your threads and if there are new posts on them.

As for the size of the table, you can cut it down. (Note I cut the corners off mine, this is to stop small kids in the studio blinding themselves on the sharp corners). But you only need a white top and some smaller tressles and you can have what size you want. So many people seem to need they need high tech ( and expensive) solutions when they don't.

Lester_B wrote:

OMG yes!! Thank you so much for the idea. I think you just saved me like $150.

I saw the table but do they make them a little smaller? I just want a small adjustable table. I think that one would be too big for my small studio space.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Can you guys tell me how to set up my DPreview account so I get notified when someone replys to a thread? Or is there such a thing?

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Does Cameron look like Postman Pat or what?

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