How do you use your iPad?

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Starting at Breakfast

I use it to read the morning paper; then I check the weather and the traffic on it before leaving home. I run slideshows on it--that's simple and effortless. I read my Kindle books on it--it's much brighter and prettier than the actual Kindle, which I rarely turn on any more. I might do anything from sending an e-card to playing a game when I have a minute or two.

There are some fun apps for manipulating photographs--nothing serious, just fooling around. My grandchildren love the books, comics, and educational games. The iBook store has a lot of children's offerings, including a nice line of inexpensive Disney books.

I often use it to look up a recipe to serve for dinner--Epicurious is fun and there's a new Betty Crocker cookbook app that has a lot of fast and easy dishes. Videos look gorgeous on it--I can sit outside with the dog in the evenings and watch a movie while he plays around. Sometimes I just thumb through the App Store to see what's new and free. I'm a clock freak, so I have a number of fun clocks. If I'm not doing anything else with mine, it's often just displaying a clock face.

Obviously, it's great for podcasts or YouTube videos, too. I have a desktop and laptop Mac, but the iPad is unique. It's whatever you want it to be.

I like it so much, I bought the keyboard for it, which adds another dimension entirely. Oh, I also use it for the iWork apps--writing letters, making quick spreadsheets or presentations--you name it.

I really don't use it much as an iPod (there's a device for that). If I want to listen to music, I mostly turn on or Pandora. They don't take up much space on the flash memory and it's more fun than just listening to the same library all the time.

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