Panasonic, head of development interview

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Re: GF2 with side mounted EFV

More fast primes is exactly what I wanna hear! I'd love to see something in the 70-80mm range around f/2, ideally an APO too.

I've always been more of a telephoto person, and unlike legacy SLR lenses, a telephoto like that designed specifically for m34 could probably be made pretty small, just look at the Leica 75mm f/2, and Zeiss 85mm f/2 M lenses, both are pretty compact.

As for a GF2, I've only had my GF1 for around a month, and I actually bought knowing that I'd probably sell the body and keep the 20mm f/1.7 whenever a GF2 comes out. However I'll probably only upgrade if there's a significant increase in actual sensor performance. Not simply for a better body layout.

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