Panasonic 8mm = £729.99?!

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Re: Get realistic !

tgutgu wrote:

While we can't really know, if its is really much cheaper to develop and produce a m4/3 lens (looking at the front glas of the 7-14mm lens I hardly can believe it),

It's no more extreme in curvature than the front glass of the Zuiko 7-14 or Zuiko 8 FE and those lenses deviate only slightly from a strong weight-price correlation.

you have to take into account that Panasonic's market share is much less compared to the main players,

That's why I prefer to compare with 4/3rds (or Sony/Pentax).

and therefore we can assume that the sold units of the fisheye will be less.

The main players' fish-eyes are in competition with 3rd party fish-eyes which means they lose some sales there. Then their fish-eyes are bigger and heavier which makes them less attractive, also having a dampening effect on sales. Finally, the µ43 fish-eye could (IMO) have a price advantage if they wanted to which would also help increase sales. So I think in this case the difference in units sold even compared to the big two could be less than what sheer market penetration would imply.

At the end, it is the competition's pricing, which will direct the design cost and the market price of a m4/3 lens.

Market price, yes. Design cost? Very indirectly if at all.

The promise of m4/3 was never to make cheaper lenses, but to keep lenses in the same price category of the competion despite less sales volumes.

There isn't really any reason to expect significantly less sales volume than 4/3rds, Sony or Pentax.

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