Nikon "micro four thirds"? Opinions?

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Very interesting for mini system and video

I could see it supplanting a large number of coolpix models ont he consumer side, and providing an interesting and worthy option for professional video applications, aside from anything that Nikon might also do with mirrorless APSC systems.

If you look at the strengths of the different formats sensor sizes, and EVF based APSC sized system makes the most sense as a 35mm cinema replacement - more or less the size of cinema film. For video/cinema, 35mm full frame doesn't quite have enough depth of field in some circumstances, which negates its ISO advantages by forcing you to close down apertures and use big lights, not worth the cost and effort, especially sine for the foreseeable future, most applications won't need more than 8MP (or 4K resolutions, or approximately 4000x2000)

This points to (IMHO) :

1.) full frame remaining mostly traditional DSLR territory with secondary video functions, but mainly to make use of fast, well understood AF and len systems.

2.) APSC being the most diverse category with a couple of main paradigms, they will be:

2a) traditional 35mm DSLR compatible mounts that will work with both APSC image circle lenses and 35mm image circles.

2b) New EVF based mounts using evolving contrast detection systems and new lenses, as well as adaptors for DSLR based lenses. These will lead to compact still cameras in the style of the modern Range finder replacement (though not rangefinders) and still video hybrids.

2c) predominantly cinema/video based systems designed primarily around the needs of motion photography. These will replace cinema cameras and be styled around what's needed for the dominant film studio and video capture methods, 2 and 4 K, so imagine very high quality, 2MP and 8MP sensors as well

Nikon's smaller format is option 3, and it can live perfectly well alongside options one and two.

3.) mini systems designed for high end and consumer compacts and highly mobile field video. A smaller mount with no legacy considerations, it is free to incorporate all of the following in truly compact form:

folding/collapsable zooms
powered zooms
very small and affordable lenses
small (pocketable) bodies
compact but very high zoom ratio lenses, think 10-20X

The other formats cannot offer this. They might offer a small camera, but only with a small prime or pancake mounted, and even then, borderline pocketable.

The mini system, like EVF based APSC would offer two, albeit slightly different main camera types:

3a) compact consumer and/or high-end cams with video, like a super coolpix ste of models

3b) "Video" as opposed to "cinema" centric cameras. The kind of thing news correspondents would use with a 20X zoom attached, think of the difference in size between a fast stabilized 35-700 (full frame DSLR) and the roughly equivalent 13-260 you would use in Nikon's rumored 1" format.

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