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Re: comparometer

zebarnabe wrote:

Actually today cameras do a good job extracting detail with their sensors.... the 2742 effective pixels of height that HS10 has get 1600-1800lpph (unless someone runs a MFT50 test will be always subjective), Nyquist theorem points 1371lpph... we get more, so we should be happy... we don't get as much as a modern 10MP DSLR, but it's fair to say that if goes above Nyquist frequency the camera is doing it well...

Yes the technology is getting better and better but unfortunately the sensors are also getting smaller and smaller and cramming pixels more and more. Somehow some brainiac thought that the gain in technology is a good offset for a smaller and crammy lower cost sensor.

You got me confused with F30 and CHDK .... until i noticed you were refering to a similar hack and not CHDK itself... CHDK stands for Canon Hack Development Kit ... a Fujifilm Hack Development Kit would be awesome xD

My bad LoL! But that's what I meant. I'm surprised nobody has cracked it yet.

I actually wonder why manufactors don't make camera firmwares more open.... it would add great benefits to the cameras and increase their potential value... without spending a penny... i guess that's why Canon never blocked CHDK development... i was actually tempted to buy a Canon just because of it... but HS10 looks perfect to me... ...and when it arrives i shall confirm it :3

A better idea, just imagine a camera where you can customise its menu via software and just update it via USB. That I wouldn't mind paying extra.

Now.... HS10 firmware getting 'open' .... that would be "ZOMFG" ... xD

Amen! wait.... what about my F30?


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