Opinions needed... monolight or another speedlight?

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Re: Opinions needed... monolight or another speedlight?

Please be advise my opinions doesn’t cont too much since I’m not an experimented photographer
I had a d90 and my first flash was sb-600 ..

After this I paid 600$ for a kit strobes…mistake
Now I’m investing in speed lights

Very possible you’ll need both(strobes and flashlights) but I do believe is a mistake buying the strobes before exploring the flashlights.

And BTW 300W/s is too much power for my garage studio and my 200 ISO from the D90.
The speed lights well give you all the power you need for the beginning
I will order the very new YN 560 I believe is a good option..

If you are looking for soft boxes , strobes, stands let me know I sell you mine …I never used them after playing with the SB 600 and YN-

Don’t get me wrong the strobes are great : you just have to determine the order you’ll buy them .

The main difference (for me) between strobes and flashes; the strobes are accumulating dust a lot of dust

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